Praise from readers:

Thriller, technology, love, business. The story traps you and just can't stop reading until the end.

An attractive fantasy with the glamorous life in Asia Pacific around Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur.

A fresh new plot [...] managed to scratched in technology, culture, romance and a little dash of thriller.

This book was an enjoyable read, taking me back to some of the places I have lived and visited as well.

The story was fast paced, and linked to technology and business, and at the same time weaving some suspense and romance.

All in all a good read, entertaining and with some "food-for-thought."

Digital Renaissance

A story about a dreamer that wants to change the world.

After joining a startup accelerator, Mike Marquez will come across an algorithm that can change music creation forever. But soon he will find he is working for the dark side.

A story about pursuing your dreams, being true to yourself, and standing for your own beliefs.

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